Most Tribeca people hear the words Dental Veneers and immediately wonder: How much drilling is involved? You might actually be surprised to know that when professionally planned out by a Tribeca Cosmetic Dentist that the treatment can be smooth.

The first visit involves planning. You will sit down with the Tribeca Cosmetic Dentist; Dr. Frederick Solomon and discuss your smile. Every person is unique and may desire different things. The Cosmetic Dentist has the ability to show you through computer imaging possibilities of what your smile can look like. At this moment you and the Cosmetic Dentist determine what shape, color and exactly how many teeth will be treated with Veneers.

It may surprise you to know that when the Cosmetic Dentist is preparing the teeth for Porcelain Veeners not a lot of tooth structure need be removed. With careful planning many Tribeca, Soho and Manhattan residence have had very natural looking Dental Veneers and cosmetic Dentistry at Tribeca Smiles with minimal drilling.

At Tribeca Smiles the Cosmetic Dentist scans your teeth and creates a 3 dimensional image of your teeth. That image is then used to create an exact mold of your teeth. It is with this mold that a wax up of the Veneers will be made. With a Wax-up, you can touch feel and see the exact version of Dental Veeners that will be on your smile. You can see that a Dental Veneer is a thin contact lense shell of tooth colored material but very strong. Little much enamel will need to be removed from your teeth.

Most Tribeca and Soho Dental patients are very happy with the Porcelain Veeners and In many cases this process can actually happen in one day. To learn more about Porcelain Veeners schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr.Frederick Solomon.