Have you ever wondered what people think about your smile? We talk to people every day as we live our lives and one of the first things people notice when we talk is our smile! Here are 3 ways that you can check to determine if you have an attractive smile to others.

  • Do People Compliment Your Smile Often?

If different people tell you that you have great teeth or a beautiful smile then chances are they are right! There is a certain symmetry that the human eye looks for on the face and mouth. If your teeth line follows your smile line, this is considered esthetically pleasing.

  • Have You Whitened Your Teeth?

Ever heard the term “Milk teeth?” Milk teeth is a term generally used to describe baby teeth. In general baby teeth are milk white and as our permanent teeth come in they can be a shade or so darker. As we age and consume food and liquid that stain teeth, our teeth darken even more. Thus having a darker shade of teeth is directly linked to age. Having a whiter smile is generally associated with youth and health. So if you have whitened your teeth your smile is already on the attractive side.

  • Are Your Teeth Straight?

Overlapped and crowded teeth can actually affect a person facial profile. Crooked teeth can also cause excessive chipping and wear of the enamel surface. If your teeth are lined up straight and your bite is in the right position your facial profile and overall smile will be esthetically pleasing. Of course there are small imperfections that the human eye forgive and even find appealing. However these are very small and generally do not include crooked teeth.

If people compliment your smile and you have white straight teeth with no chipping, then it is safe to say that you my friend have a smile that is attractive to others. If you are unhappy with your smile visit the Dentist and discuss things that you would like to improve. Create a list of questions and present it at the next consultation.

Wrtiten by: Avalene Roberts R.D.H

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