As we usher in the year 2019, so many of us are filled with the desire for self-improvement. I for one look forward to hearing all of my friends, family, and coworkers share with me their New Years Resolutions. So this year our entire team decided to share with our community, friends, and patients what we are looking forward to in the year 2019.

Dr. Frederick E, Solomon D.M.D (Cosmetic Dentist) @tribecasmiles

I have decided to share my resolutions in three different categories. The first would be myself personally, the second category would be an expansion of that to include my family and the third would be even further expansion to include my family and team here at Tribeca Smiles.

I have a new knee. My goal is to be able to ski with my family once again. I am committed to strengthening my knee through regular exercise.

I would like to create systems to help my family prepare our children for middle school and high school as well as higher education as a whole.

Tribeca Smiles
I want to continue to raise the bar on the level of care that we provide our patients. The goal is to always increase the personal and professional demeanor of the team while offering the best Dentistry and technology.

Dr. Danielle Solomon, L.AC., DACM (Acupuncturist) @acupuncturetribeca

My new year’s resolution is to continue to spend quality time with my amazing family. I plan on growing my Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practice by proving the highest quality of care. I am also excited to finally launch my herbal products and I plan to visit many places overseas.

Jay (Practice Manager)

This year I plan on focusing on my health. I will eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. I also plan on launching a line of high-quality Hair Extensions.

Avalene Roberts R.D.H (Dental Hygienist) @avalene.r

I’m not usually one to make resolutions but considering how many people suffer from depression and took their own life in 2018, I decided to be a voice. I plan on posting motivational and uplifting content on my Instagram @Avalene.R regularly. I hope that my small gesture will help brighten someone’s day!

Milly (Head Dental Assistant)

This year I plan to save money, travel, get fit and healthy, spend more time with my family and stop procrastinating.

Dolly ( Front Office)

My new year’s resolution is to spend a lot more time traveling and with my beautiful family.

Thabata (Dental Assistant)

My new year’s resolution involves my spending all my free time with my daughter and family.

Dr. Lavanya Venkateswaran

My new year’s resolution is to make certain that one of my many dreams come true.