Ever wondered why is it that so many celebrities or public figures all seem to have beautiful or handsome smiles? It all comes down to a few things and I will share them with you today!

  1. Healthy teeth are generally pleasing to the eye. When you get regular check- ups, Dental Hygiene appointments and do a good job with your at home oral care, then you are already ahead of the game. Removing bacterial plaque off the teeth and reducing stain will make the teeth stronger, healthier and whiter.
  2. Try professional teeth whitening. If your teeth have a natural dark shade then a trip to the Dentist to lighten the teeth will immediately make a much more attractive smile.
  3. Correct any bite issues. Crooked teeth are not attractive and because they overlap, they harbor bad bacteria that lead to gum disease.
  4. If the shape of your teeth are not pleasing to you then having a digital smile design of your teeth would be helpful. Sitting down with the Cosmetic Dentist and discussing how you can reshape your teeth with new enamel facings really helps to get an idea of how you can create a celebrity smile. Typically Porcelain Veeners are used to give that healthy, celebrity smile.
  5. Finally, eating a healthy diet of foods that are naturally cleansing to the teeth such as; celery, apples and carrots. As well as eating foods that are high in calcium to strengthen the teeth such as cheese and broccoli.

Having a celebrity smile can be achieved with these tips. Having a Cosmetic Dentist to restore your smile is key.