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Periodontic Treatments

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Your mouth is swarming with bacteria. Most people would be shocked to realize how much is actually in there. Over time, as you combine that bacteria with saliva and food particles, you start forming a sticky, colorless plaque that loves to stick to your teeth. As you brush and floss, you hopefully get rid of most of it. However, if you don’t brush and floss enough, or if you don’t get all that plaque, it starts to harden into a brittle crust called tartar. Tartar is tough, and no amount of brushing or flossing will get rid of it. At that point, you’ll need to see a professional like our general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Frederick Solomon, at Tribeca Smiles to do so. However, time is of the essence. The longer you let plaque build up, the more damage is done — first with gingivitis, then with periodontitis.

Gum Treatments

An advanced dental procedure called Bi-Polar Electrosurgery uses a radiosurgery unit and is emerging as the next wave in gum contouring. This technology has been very popular with neurosurgeons and cardiologists in the past, and now has moved into the dental arena. With electrosurgery, the cutting is done with a very low current so that there is no bleeding, little discomfort, and no protective dressing required to cover the area. Electrosurgery takes no time at all — Dr. Solomon at Tribeca Smiles can contour the gumline in about an hour. 

Radiosurgery is an exciting new technology that allows the doctors at Tribeca Smiles to treat gum issues safely and comfortably with the use of radio waves rather than a scalpel (and that means no stitches!). This allows our patients to experience a much faster, easier recovery. Gum tissues help protect teeth; however, excessive gum tissue can be removed without reducing this protection. Gum tissue contouring is especially helpful to accident patients who have damaged gums.

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Best Candidates

Candidates for periodontal treatments range from gum inflammation to major deterioration to the bone or soft tissues in the mouth.

Sometimes this has already resulted in tooth loss. Regardless of where your gum disease stands at this point, now is the time to intercept to either slow it or stop it in its tracks. When gums do become inflamed, it can be a symptom of gingivitis or periodontitis, which literally means, “inflammation around the tooth.” This can result in bad breath that won’t go away, tender and bleeding gums, painful chewing, loose teeth, and receding gums. If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms, see us immediately.

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What To Expect

There are many periodontal treatments which can be employed in the battle against periodontitis. The main goal of which is to control infection. Dr. Solomon and his team at Tribeca Smiles typically start with a tiny instrument referred to as a probe, which is just a very small ruler used to check and measure any infected pockets around and under your teeth. X-rays will also help confirm any bone loss. Depending on results, the amount and kinds of treatments will differ based on how much the gum disease has progressed. Treatments normally start with a deep cleaning where the plaque is removed, referred to as scaling and root planing. Medications can also be used to attack infections. For more advanced cases, flap surgery and bone/tissue grafts will be considered.


Any type of periodontal treatments mandates that you maintain rigorous care at home every day. Dr. Solomon will review how you can benefit even more by changing, improving, or stopping other behaviors — such as smoking, which always makes everything worse. Since each treatment is different than the last, and each case has progressed, it’s not feasible to encompass every follow-up here. However, it is very important to brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, floss regularly to remove plaque accumulating between your teeth, and visit Tribeca Smiles for regular check-ups and professional cleanings. Beyond that, consulting with Dr. Solomon will answer any questions you will have in terms of post-treatment procedures.

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If you’re unhappy with the appearance or function of your teeth for any reason, we encourage you to contact us today and schedule a consultation.

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Cost of Periodontic Treatments

Periodontic Treatments prices for procedures at Tribeca Smiles servicing New York, Tribeca, Manhattan, and Queens are estimates only. Dr. Solomon will determine the price during your consultation and will be affected by the recommended dental technique, patient anatomy, time, and implant type (If applicable). Contact us for a free consultation and more information.

Save Your Teeth & Gums

Statistically validated research shows that people with gum disease have a higher chance of developing heart disease and blood sugar issues than those without periodontitis. There are many reasons to see us as soon as possible for a dental exam and possible periodontal treatments. The most important reason to get ahead of this would simply be to save your teeth. It all starts at our relaxing, spa-like loft at Tribeca Smiles in New York City.