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We live in an age of makeovers from houses to cars to wardrobes, makeup, and hairstyles. What’s the next logical step? Ask general and cosmetic New York dentist Dr. Frederick Solomon at Tribecca Smiles, and he might suggest a smile makeover. It’s where we get to work on your smile from whatever angle is needed to make it as brilliant as you’ve always dreamt it could be. This can involve one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures like veneers, composite bonding, tooth implants, whitening, etc. But before anything, we want to get to know you as a person. It’s only by carefully getting a better, holistic idea of you that we can have a successful makeover that lasts. We also have excellent smile makeover software in our New York, NY office to help you envision your new look.

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Best Candidates for a Smile Makeover

Oral health must first be established before any cosmetic solutions can proceed. If there are prohibitive oral health problems, like a misaligned bite or gum disease, they will need to be addressed first. A smile makeover candidate is anyone who wants to improve their smile for cosmetic reasons and for whoever wants a self-esteem boost. The standard procedures for veneers, bonding, and bridges are just the start of what cosmetic dentistry can accomplish. It has reached such an advanced state that it can address nearly any functional or aesthetic concern you might have about your teeth.

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What To Expect

Since there is such a wide range of procedures and combinations of procedures, listing everything to expect from a smile makeover would be prohibitive. It’s better to drop by for a free 15-minute consultation with Dr. Solomon to get a better sense of how to proceed.

During your consultation, Dr. Solomon will discuss your concerns, along with your goals and how realistic they are for a smile makeover. He will check your medical records to ensure that the various smile makeover procedures will not cause potential complications.

From there, he will provide detailed outlines about what you can look forward to for each procedure. Generally speaking, tooth color is one of the main areas to address. Your treatment plan can involve teeth whitening or replacing silver/amalgam dental fillings with new, tooth-colored restorations. Finally, to achieve the balance between a brilliant white and a more natural white, we carefully match all colors of veneers, bonding, crowns, bridges, and implants to your teeth as well.

Your Smile Makeover Options

The smile makeover treatment plan will include one or several of the following dental procedures (as chosen by you and Dr. Solomon during your consultation):

Teeth Whitening – Most smile makeover sessions will involve teeth whitening. This procedure can be done within an hour. The natural whiteness of the teeth achieved during this part of the smile makeover will be the base for the colors used for other smile makeover procedures.

Tooth-Colored Fillings – This procedure will take longer than traditional fillings. Once the right color is found to match your teeth, the filling procedure can start. This involves drilling and trimming the targeted part of the tooth and bonding the filling into the hole.

Veneers – This is a procedure that uses veneers to cover the front surface of the teeth for dental aesthetics. Dr. Solomon will carefully select the best veneer based on the fit and color of your teeth. The procedure involves cleaning, polishing, and etching the teeth. The veneer will then be permanently bonded on each tooth using dental cement.

Bonding – This is done by bonding colored resin to the tooth. This procedure can close the small gaps between teeth while providing repair and shape changes. The tooth is prepared for bonding before applying the resin material. Dr. Solomon will then trim, shape, and polish the material to match all the teeth.

Dental Crowns – This is a procedure that puts a cap on top of the tooth. Dr. Solomon will identify and open the cavity. The tooth will be trimmed into a base for the crown. The crown will then be bonded to the tooth.

Bridges – This procedure is appropriate for patients with missing teeth. It is used to fill the gap between healthy teeth. Ideally, the dental bridge will rest on the two teeth where the gap is located.

Dental Implants – The implant procedure will replace the root of the tooth with a metal screw connected to an artificial tooth. The procedure will involve tooth removal, jawbone preparation, implant placement, abutment placement, and artificial tooth placement.

Cost of Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover prices for procedures at Tribeca Smiles servicing New York, Tribeca, Manhattan, and Queens are estimates only. Dr. Solomon will determine the price during your consultation and will be affected by the recommended dental technique, patient anatomy, time, and implant type (If applicable). Contact us for a free consultation and more information.


The types of procedures in your makeover will greatly affect the timeline of a recommended follow-up appointment. Dr. Solomon and his highly trained staff will be with you every step, with every procedure, so that you never have a doubt about what to expect and how to best take care of your teeth through each stage. Dr. Solomon will also make sure your expectations are being met, if not exceeding them.

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If you’re unhappy with the appearance or function of your teeth for any reason, we encourage you to contact us today and schedule a consultation.

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Start Your New Smile Journey

A smile makeover can be extremely rewarding. However, it must be approached with someone possessing the skill and experience to guide it all like Dr. Solomon at Tribeca Smiles. This is especially important since smile makeovers typically consist of many moving parts and not usually just one procedure. Fortunately, Tribeca Smiles is the place to start this journey. So for each visit, your stress will be lowered by our compassionate staff and your smile will be maximized with all the latest technology, which is crucial to a smile makeover. We are your team and in your corner. Your happy smile is our mission.