I’m sure we all agree that a beautiful smile is attractive. Most of us would say that a beautiful smile is also one where they teeth are a lighter shade, clean and appear to be healthy. So How can you keep your teeth white at home? Here are a few quick tips to help you keep those pearly whites bright.

1) Eat Tons Of Strawberries

Many people are not aware that Strawberries are the only berries that actually whiten the teeth. Strawberries contain Malic Acid and this natural whites your smile. So stock up on as much organic Strawberries as you can and eat away.

2) Use An Electric Toothbrush

There is an significant difference between using a manual toothbrush and using an electric toothbrush. The Electric toothbrush has been proved to remove more bacterial plaque and stain from teeth. If you want to keep your smile bright then switch things up and use a top of the line electric toothbrush.

3) Drink Your Coffee/Tea Trough A Straw

Many food and beverages such as Soda, Wine, Coffee and Tea encourage surface staining on the teeth. Drinking through a straw prevents most of the liquid from sitting on the teeth for a longer period of time. I would also recommend rinsing with water right after enjoying staining foods and beverages.

4) Use A Whitening Toothpaste

Patients always ask if Over The Counter whitening pastes work. The truth is that they really aid in lifting surface satin which will help your teeth appear brighter. So go ahead and give it a whirl.

You can do any things at home to keep your teeth white. You can even experiment with over the counter whitening strips. The reality is that the best results come from your Dentist Office because it is prescription strength. With whitening in the Dental Office you get the best and most predictable results. So the next time you are thinking about ways to whiten your teeth call us for a complimentary consultation, just mention this blog.