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Enamel Recontouring

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Understanding Enamel Recontouring

It might be easier to understand enamel recontouring (or tooth recontouring) if you picture a car with a few dings and scratches. You would take the car in for some light bodywork. As the auto shop works on it, they might buff out some scratches here, fill in some dings there, and generally give the whole exterior a facelift in one session that makes it look like a new car.

It is the same with your teeth. You put them through a lot every day and after decades of use, it’s normal for them to also start showing signs of wear. That’s where enamel recontouring comes into play. Enamel recontouring can be just what you need to spruce up that smile in no time, with reshaping and smoothing out your teeth in a subtle way that is also a dramatic improvement.

Cost of Enamel Recontouring

Enamel Recontouring prices for procedures at Tribeca Smiles servicing New York, Tribeca, Manhattan, and Queens are estimates only. Dr. Solomon will determine the price during your consultation and will be affected by the recommended dental technique, patient anatomy, time, and implant type (If applicable). Contact us for a free consultation and more information.
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Best Candidates for Enamel Recontouring

If you are unhappy with the shape or size of your teeth, or if you’d like to fix the appearance of certain teeth to enhance the general look and symmetry of your smile, you may be a good candidate for enamel recontouring. You may also be a candidate if you have generally healthy teeth and gums but also happen to have a tooth with an irregular shape, a chipped tooth, or slightly overlapping teeth. The best thing to do would be to arrange for a consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist and have a discussion about enamel recontouring.

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What To Expect

Enamel recontouring does not require anesthesia as no dental tools touch any sensitive areas. During the treatment, Dr. Solomon will draw a map of your teeth and mark where he wants to make corrections. He will then use gentle sanding techniques or a diamond burr to smooth out imperfections on the tooth or teeth in question. It’s a highly skilled technique that requires not only technical proficiency but an artistic ability. Dr. Solomon will see exactly what and how much to remove in order to subtly transform teeth into more pleasing and balanced shapes.


Since enamel recontouring is one of the most conservative aesthetic dental treatments, the follow-up for it does not necessitate any special care. Chips have disappeared, bulges are sanded down, pits are gone, and sharp teeth are evened out. A bigger benefit is improved oral health since this procedure can open up spaces in your teeth to brush and floss, which may have been nearly impossible to reach before. This is great for daily health and food particles, but it will also help you get a better handle on controlling tartar and plaque before they contribute to gum disease.

Plan Your ProcedureIf you’re unhappy with the appearance or function of your teeth for any reason, we encourage you to contact us today and schedule a consultation for enamel recontouring in our New York office.

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Shape Up Your Teeth

If you want to improve your smile in one sitting and only have minor issues with your teeth, consider calling our dental practice and arranging for a consultation with a dentist, who’d be happy to take a look and see if you’d benefit from an enamel recontouring treatment and tooth polishing. Remember, this procedure involves resculpting the enamel of your teeth and enamel does not grow back, so the process needs to be seriously considered as it is not reversible. Make an appointment now for a consultation.