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Tribeca’s Best Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Frederick Solomon describes the path he has taken to become Tribeca’s best cosmetic dentist.


I love dentistry and I love being a dentist. I learned about dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. And I continued after dental school with a hospital residency doing all kinds of extreme versions of dentistry where patients would have to go to a hospital. That was at Albert Einstein Hospital in Philadelphia. After that, I came to New York City and I joined a top cosmetic dentist. Somebody who’s got a world class reputation. So from day one in private practice, I was a cosmetic dentist. We do all aspects of dentistry, don’t get me wrong.

We do beautiful restorations and white fillings in the back of the mouth, crowns, bridges, implants. We take out wisdom teeth, we treat old people and we treat children. We love taking care of all of our patients. And my personal history in dentistry and dealing with people helps us to do all this. When I grew up I was a kid magician. I learned slide of hand, I developed dexterity with my hands. I learned to interact with people which now helps people feel more comfortable in the dental chair. Outside of the office I have a beautiful new baby, eight months old. We have two dogs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, big dogs. They’re around the office sometimes.

I have a lovely wife who’s so supportive of the practice and what we do. And I have an amazing, amazing staff. And all this is attributed to where we’ve been and where we’re going, in bringing patients a better dental experience.