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Tribeca Smiles – Testimonial Video 2016


Speaker 1: I’ve been a patient of Dr. Solomon’s for many, many years. And one thing that I had always wanted to do was to get my teeth looking better aesthetically.

Speaker 2: I had a cross bite and my lips were always sort of crisscrossed and that’s why I really wanted to try this. So as soon as I came in, they were so gracious, so warm. Took me through the whole stages of the cavities that I needed filled and everything else. And then move onto the second part of my experience.

Speaker 3: I would say this is probably the most professional office that I’ve seen in Manhattan. A lot of advanced technology within the office from digital sensors to CAD/CAM dentistry where they actually make a crown or a tooth for you and they can do that usually in the same day.

Speaker 4: The atmosphere is very good. All the people who work here are very competent. Dr. Solomon’s a master.

Speaker 2: The staff here came with a lot of knowledge and a lot of evidence, put me at ease, and really made me feel comfortable that they knew what was going on and how to advise me to better take care of my teeth, how to floss better, and to sort of improve my oral hygienic care.

Speaker 1: If you tell him, “Please try to save this tooth.” He will try to find a way to do it. He really wants people to walk out of here looking their best.

Speaker 2: Here, everyone along the pathway in terms of your care is outstanding. And for that reason is the reason that I referred Tribeca Smiles to a lot of my colleagues and friends.

Speaker 3: Knowing his academic background, knowing his professionalism, and the materials that he uses, he sets himself apart from all the other dentists in the area.

Speaker 1: I think I feel, when I meet people, I’m more apt to give them a big smile now.