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Tribeca Smiles - Testimonial Video #2 2016


Speaker 1: My dentist referred me to come here. I sort of woke up at 5:00 AM and had no tooth and had a bit of a panic attack and called Dr. Solomon and he was able to squeeze me in very last minute.

Speaker 2: I just picked Dr. Solomon’s name out of a directory and it was the best choice I could’ve made. I walked into his office. I was astonished at how beautiful it was, how well thought out it was and it is the most welcoming, friendly office.

Speaker 3: My experience here has been phenomenal. Dr. Solomon is the competent professional and has done a fantastic job on all of my teeth. I had a root canal emergency here. I was texting him on a Saturday and he had me all fixed up within hours.

Speaker 1: He was highly recommended and so I felt very comfortable as soon as I got here. He was very accommodating and really took the time to get to know what had been going on with me and he made it very clear, the pros and cons of what he was doing and let me sort of choose what I felt would be the best approach for me.

Speaker 2: He’s redone teeth for me that had old fillings in then and his machinery is incredible. It’s state of the art, up to date.

Speaker 3: There’s no way I would risk going to someone else because no one else is going to care and follow through as much as Dr. Solomon.

Speaker 2: It’s a welcoming place. I feel, not that I’m being worked on, I’m being worked with.

Speaker 2: My mouth feels like it did when I was 25 years old and I am obviously not 25 any longer.

Speaker 1: I feel confident that if I had another issue, he would solve it right away like he did this morning so I would definitely recommend coming here.