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Tribeca Smiles Porcelain Crowns Testimonial

A Tribeca Smiles patient is delighted over the amazing work Dr. Frederick Solomon performed on his teeth. Reshaping, recoloring, and rejuvenating his crowns, this Tribeca Smiles patient walked out with a smile he always dreamed of.


Interviewer: Go ahead.

Speaker 2: Okay. I just had my crowns put in. After a few negative experiences I was recommended to come to Dr. Solomon by my sister and it’s been an amazing experience. I’m really happy with what he was able to do for me. My experience, from the minute I stepped in the door, to now has been incredible. Dr. Solomon is amazing and I couldn’t thank him enough for what he was able to do for me. I’ll even smile, just for now, so you can actually see what you’ve been able to do for me. I’m really happy with it. Thank you.

Interviewer: Thank you. Awesome.