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Tribeca Smiles - Dental Office in Tribeca

Tribeca Smiles is a dental office located in downtown Manhattan, where we proudly offer a variety of services including cosmetic, family, and emergency dentistry, as well as acupuncture.


Dr. Solomon: Hello, I’m Dr. Frederick Solomon. Welcome to Tribeca Smiles. I’m a cosmetic dentist. I’ve been practicing, making beautiful smiles in New York City now for several decades. We offer not only cosmetic dentistry but comprehensive general dentistry. A gorgeous smile is part of how someone feels about themselves and therefore directly affects their health and wellness, and it’s necessary to look at somebody as a while individual in order to treat them properly.

Dr. Solomon: The science that we have here at Tribeca Smiles is off the hook. We have technology that allows us to do beautiful things to teeth with porcelain, with composite resin, with bonding, and with sculpting gums with lasers, and that’s beautiful technology. The patients benefit and the quality of the experience is so much more enhanced.

Speaker 2: This machinery is incredible. It’s state of the art, up to date. It makes you feel very comfortable. It makes you feel very safe.

Dr. Solomon: The loft space that we have here at Tribeca Smiles is very unique. We wanted to build something that would put patients at ease that wouldn’t look or smell like a typical dentist. We went for natural materials, for woods and fibers and pleasing colors, and we provide patients with an oasis.

Speaker 3: Just the whole atmosphere here, everything makes you feel very calm and more relaxed, and I feel confident that if I had another issue, he would solve it right away like he did this morning.

Dr. Solomon: We don’t fix teeth. We treat patients, and it’s a privilege and it’s an opportunity to be able to care for someone’s health and their well-being. To be able to actually change someone’s life by improving their smile, it changes how they feel about themselves. It changes who you are. It’s absolutely rewarding to be a cosmetic dentist. I love making beautiful smiles.