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Tribeca Smiles Bridge Testimonial From Patient

A happy Tribeca Smiles patient gives a beautiful testimonial on an all porcelain ceramic dental bridge on his front teeth that Dr. Solomon was able to insert for him in just one visit!


Interviewer: So how long have you been a patient of Dr. Solomon’s?

Speaker 2: I’ve been a patient of Dr. Solomon’s for over ten years.

Interviewer: Over ten years. And what did you have done today?

Speaker 2: I put my permanent bridge in, and I’m loving it.

Interviewer: Alright. Yeah. How do you feel after your visit today?

Speaker 2: Excellent. I feel brand new. And they’re permanent, and I just love how Dr. Solomon works.

Interviewer: If you could tell anyone who was inquiring about coming to Tribeca Smiles one thing, what would it be?

Speaker 2: I would say this office, the staff, Dr. Solomon is excellent. And I would definitely recommend anyone come in.

Interviewer: Thank you.