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NYC Dentist Cures Gummy Smile

New York dentist, Fred Solomon DDS offers treatment to eliminate “gummy” smile forever at Tribeca Smiles in Tribeca, New York.


We have many modalities for improving one’s smile. Two techniques which we often use are tooth shaping or contouring, as well as gum shaping or contouring.

The combination of these can be very dramatic in improving one’s smile. Sometimes they’re used together, sometimes individually. For instance, if somebody has a gum line that’s not even, or where they show a little bit too much gums, this can be done in a very painless, comfortable and precise procedure which we do in the office very commonly.

Tooth shaping or contouring can be used to straighten crooked teeth, fix chips on teeth, or rotate teeth through the illusion of making a tooth fit better into the arch.

And we do this by gently sanding, shaping, and polishing teeth. And this is something we have available to us a lot of times when a patient might not need bonding, or they might not need porcelain veneers, but maybe just have the teeth contoured into a more ideal smile.