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Invisalign® in New York City

New York dentist, Fred Solomon DDS offers Invisalign, invisible braces for orthodontic treatment of crooked teeth at Tribeca Smiles in Tribeca, New York.


Invisalign is wireless. Everything goes wireless today, so does orthodontics. What’s really incredible about Invisalign is you can see what your straight teeth will look like. You’ll know exactly how long it will take before we even get started. Imagine if you could have straight teeth without braces, that would be faster, that would be more comfortable, that would be unnoticeable, and believe it or not, that would be invisibly removable. This is what Invisalign is. It’s a series of clear plastic aligners. They’re designed in a virtual world. They’re invisible when they’re on your teeth, and we can show you your straight teeth. The computer can give us a model of your teeth straight. We can make plastic aligners in a series that gradually move teeth so that they’re in perfect alignment for that ideal smile.