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Family Dentistry in New York

New York dentist, Fred Solomon DDS offers family dental care at Tribeca Smiles in Tribeca, New York.


Danielle Solomon: Hi, my name is Danielle Solomon. My husband is the founder of Tribeca Smiles, Dr. Frederick Solomon. What I love most about Tribeca Smiles is the super fun kids’ room. It allows a safe, fun place for kids to interact while having their teeth taken care of.

Avalene Broomes: Here at Tribeca Smiles, we recommend that we see a child every four months. The child is growing. The jaw is growing. The dentist wants to make sure that everything is happening in its right pace. One of my favorite tools that we use here is the DIAGNOdent laser. It uses harmless waves of light that actually scans the tooth and is able to detect if there’s a cavity in there or not. One of the other things that we recommend here is sealants. Sealants are a protective covering that we put over the grooves of the children’s teeth to make sure that bacteria do not sink into the grooves of the teeth so that way you can virtually bring your child up cavity free.