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Emergency Dental Care in NYC

New York dentist, Fred Solomon DDS offers emergency dental care at Tribeca Smiles in Tribeca, New York.


I called them basically at 4:00 and they said I need to come in because my tooth fell out and they think it’s an emergency. And they said actually, “Yeah, we consider that as an emergency,” and it was very humorous and Jamiese’s voice was really nice on the phone. And I felt very at ease and I really felt like even though I didn’t know her, I felt like she actually just cared about me patient-wise, because she asked me questions about the tooth. Like which tooth it was, so scheduled me into coming the next day and as I walked in they already knew who I was. And I thought that was very nice and very rare for an office this size and how much business they do to recognize people that come in the door.