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Dr. Frederick E. Solomon Discussing A New Zirconia Bridge Case

Dr. Frederick E. Solomon shows his excitement and love for cosmetic dentistry as he discusses a new Zirconia Bridge Case that came in for one of his valued patients. Dr. Solomon explains what the bridge is made of, and how he will provide his patient with a brand new smile, along with some porcelain veneers to complete the finishing touches.


So this is what it looks like when we receive a case back from our ceramist. We open up the box, and it’s like your birthday. We get to see what the patient… New beautiful teeth and these are zirconia bridges, these are monolithic all porcelain bridges that we made for this patient. Right now he has plastic temporary bridges in the back of his mouth. Those will come out, these will go in. Then he’ll have a whole set of beautiful teeth in the back of his mouth to chew with and then we’ll go ahead, and this patient’s going to get porcelain veneers on his front teeth to finish off this case. So this is super fun for me when we start to get things really moving along, and the patient gets to see what his final teeth are going to be like.