Oral Cancer Screenings


During your dental examination, there will be a complimentary screening for pre-cancerous changes in the oral tissues. Specifically, we will look and feel for lumps, bumps and bad things (discolored patches and recurring sores.) When cancer is not found in an early stage, tumors grow deep into tissues and spread to the neck’s lymph glands, reducing the chance of effective treatment. Cancer can strike in any part of the mouth, including the lip and the tongue. The incidence increases with age – 95% of all cases occur in people over 40. This screening is one of many essential reasons to schedule regular dental check-ups.


This is a computer-assisted, brush biopsy test that is fail-safe in its nature. Each swabbed specimen is sent to the OralScan Laboratories and is automatically assessed by both a computer and a pathologist. Military scanning technology is used to recognize just a few abnormal cells from hundreds or thousands. The computer pinpoints specific cells for the pathologist to diagnose. If an insufficient sample has been taken, the test will result in error, and will be repeated at no additional charge to the patient.



This identifies abnormal oral tissue with a special hand-held chemiluminescent light used in conjunction with 1% acetic acid mouth rinse. Together, they work together to identify abnormalities in the oral cavity that might not be visible to the naked eye.