Electrosurgery and Radio Surgery



An advanced dental procedure called Bi-Polar Electrosurgery uses a radio surgery unit, and is emerging as the next wave in gum contouring. This technology has been very popular with neurosurgeons and cardiologists, and now has moved into the dental arena. With electrosurgery, the cutting is done with a very low current so that there is no bleeding, no pain, and no protective dressing required to cover the area.

Electrosurgery takes no time at all – the doctors at Tribeca Smiles can contour the gum line in about an hour. When he is finished contouring the gum line, the result is complete. The gums appear finished after the procedure.



Radiosurgery is an exciting new technology that allows the doctors at Tribeca Smiles to treat gum issues safely and comfortably with the use of radio waves rather then a scalpel.

It allows us to perform gum treatment that is bloodless, and requires no stitches. This allows our patients to experience a much faster, easy recovery. Gum tissue helps protect teeth, but excessive gum tissue can be removed without reducing this protection. Gum tissue contouring is especially helpful to accident patients who have damaged gums.