5 Ways To Freshen Your Breath Before Valentines Day

February 14th comes around and everyone wants to have fresh breath. It’s a day that many people spend courting and romancing. So it is really important to have fresh breath when you are close to others. Here are 5 sure ways you can freshen your breath before valentine’s day.

  • Avoid Order Causing Foods

certain food will cause bad breath


Some foods, as delicious as they might be can contribute or cause bad breath. Foods like: Garlic, Onion, Horse Radish, canned Tuna, spicy food and Coffee just to name a few, can really contribute to breath order. Instead eat foods that are cleansing, healthy and crunchy  like: Celery, Apples and Cucumber.


  • Brush Your Tongue


The tongue should not be coated. Brush it after every meal

The tongue is a nidus for bacteria. It harbours food particles and bacteria under a thin layer of mucous. This bacteria releases a mal-order that we call “bad breath.” It is important to brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth to remove the film of bacteria.




  • Visit your General Physician

From tonsilitis to Gastritis physicians can get to the source


Some mouth order can originate in the Gut, tonsils or an underlying medical illness like diabetes. It is wise to have a complete check up and rule out any possibility of systemic illness. Your physician can take blood samples and perform many other diagnostic tasks to screen for underlying issues.

  • Brush, And Did I Mention Floss?

Brushing mechanically removes order causing debris

anaerobic bacteria thrive with poor oral hygiene. Flossing briefly separates the contact between the teeth forcing oxygen in and eliminating the acid producing bacteria. Brushing, mechanically removes plaque bio-film thus creating fresher breath and a healthier mouth. Your Dentist can also address any esthetic concerns you have about your teeth before valentines day and going forward.





  • Get A Comprehensive Dental Check-UP

From tonsil stones to Gum disease the Dentist knows bad breath


A visit to the Dentist is number one on this list because the mouth is a Dentist’s specialty. Dentist can tell if bad breath is coming from your gums, teeth or tonsils. Once a diagnosis has been made the Dentist can treat the problem and make you healthier.




These are five sure ways to eliminate bad breathe as malorder can come from any one of these sources. In the month of February please accept 20% off your Whitening Treatment at Tribeca Smiles. Just mention this articIe.


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